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We have various courses that caters to your level and interest. These courses are 6 weeks long aim to work on your balance, coordination and strength; releasing stress and boots cognitive performance.


This course is suitable for complete newbie to students who want to improve their foundation grip points; beautifully executing their transitions building up necessary strength and balance to move up the rank! This course would be a great addition to those who are working on perfecting their technique.

Coming soon!

Getting serious

You are getting stronger, things are getting more serious! We are now focusing more on form fluidity as well as strength to perform tricks gracefully. We will combine multiple inverted tricks into a sequence which will build you stamina and strength. 

Coming soon!


In this 6 weeks  course we will learn a choreography to a full song with intermediate 1 tricks and more intricate transitions. We will really focus on creating pretty lines, control and fluidity with tricks. Students in this course will require a confident invert and leg hangs and switches.

Coming soon!

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